A life of passion for craftsmanship and for creating treasured and exquisite pieces with natural elements, Ornamenter is the work of Sydney based designer, artist and jewellery maker Clarissa Macedo.


All pieces are individually designed and handcrafted by the artist in her home, studio in Sydney, using traditional silversmith techniques and natural gemstones that are personally selected and brought from around the world.


The metals used are pure copper and sterling silver, with solid gold option for bespoke pieces. All jewellery is finished to a high lust and tarnish resistant. They come elegantly packed in signature boxes and make a truly unique gift, artisan and eco-conscious for those who value the beauty of a handmade piece of jewellery and art.


Extremely durable, naturally pure and sustainable, copper is an excellent metal choice for jewellery making and an alternative for wearing silver or gold. It is also a eco-choice for being 100% recyclable and widely available. In addition, this metal is believed to have chemical and metaphysical properties to promote physical and spiritual benefits for its wearer.

Our copper pieces are plated in 18ct rose gold, to a high standard, followed by an anti-tarnish treatment for an unmistakable sheen and lust with extended durability.




Tough, resistant and timeless, sterling silver takes a spin with the addition of rhodium; a precious metal, from the family of platinum, that provides a white, high reflective surface with improved resistance against scratches and tarnish.



Clarissa Macedo

With a graphic design background, the universe of ornament has always been the essence of my work which explores with different mediums, creative ways to make bespoke art in a sustainable manner.


In recent years, coming in contact with jewellery design and silversmith, I could not help but fall in love with the craft that became my main outlet for creative expression and materialization of aesthetic inspirations. Process-wise, there is something very special about forging, soldering and polishing metals; working with  fire, force and friction applied with skill and ingenuity, to transform it into a beautiful timeless piece and treasure.

Crystals and minerals are also long time objects of my fascination and love. As a young girl, I used to collect them for their beauty and later started to understand their therapeutic metaphysical properties. Today, I am really pleased to be able to incorporate them in my work and spread their positive energy throughout my jewellery.


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